The work of vinification WITH RESPECT OF TRADITION

The estate

Winegrowers from father to son on the prestigious terroir of Rilly-la-Montagne for more than seven generations, the Champagne house François Fagot perpetuates the winemaking tradition, faithful to its family roots. All the delicate steps of the wine making process are carried out on the farm, in the family, respecting the old methods.

A cellar dug straight out of the chalk in Rilly-la-Montagne...

Pressing, alcoholic fermentation, malolactic fermentation, ageing, blending, bottling and foaming, stirring, disgorging, dressing, etc. All these stages are carried out on site, with no outside service providers involved in the production of François Fagot Champagne.

After bottling and the setting of the foam, the precious flacons of champagne rest for three years on their lees in the vaulted cellars to develop their bouquet and reach their full maturity. The next step is the manual remuage, a symbol of our champagne tradition.

The cellars of the François Fagot Champagne estate are carved out of chalk, in the heart of the Champagne subsoil... Champagne finds the ideal conditions there for the second fermentation, aging and development of its aromas. A constant temperature, summer and winter, around 10° C and a high humidity of 90% constitute a perfect natural air conditioning.…


Do you need information about the François Fagot Champagne House in the Marne ?

For any information request or visit to the Maison de Champagne François Fagot in Rilly-la-Montagne in the Marne (51), please contact us by mail or by phone at 03 26 03 42 56.